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All hail Marenthe’s striking new birth stamp for Post NL! It ap

02 March 2015

Libelle was Marenthe's first ever illustration client. It's how it all bega...

27 June 2014


It started in her tender teens; spending pocket money and free time browsing jumble sales and flea markets. Marenthe began to amass aging objects, retro cards, fleas and other treasures. This sparked a lifelong fascination with exhibitions and cultural activities, each image or experience making its mark on her developing individuality. The piles of 1950s and '60s magazines in her mother's attic provided another source of raw material, along with her travels to far-flung places. Marenthe retains the playful, eclectic wonder she discovered as a child and often revisits her collection of paraphernalia (or her mum's attic) to find more creative inspiration.

Some years later, Marenthe co-founded Studio 't Brandt Weer. She was instrumental in the company's development and success for 10 years, producing cutting edge designs that gained the Studio acclaim across The Netherlands.

Marenthe now works for numerous editorials in the Netherlands and a number of household Dutch brands. Among her clients are POST NL (Dutch Royal Mail), De Nederlandse Opera (Dutch National Opera), Elle (Girl) and Heineken. International clients include Musee Corse (Museum of Corsica, France), Elle (Girl) Korea and Belgian fashion designer Erik Verdonck.

Marenthe's work has been recognised in Europe, Asia and the United States and she has won a number of prestigious international awards. What she's all too aware of is that she didn't get there on her own; Marenthe needs her clients, partners, colleagues and friends.

To be a part of this unique creative process - to be the inspiration for new images, quirky phrases, intriguing or funny characters - commission Marenthe to design something truly amazing for you.