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Remarkable news! I made it through to the semi-finals (50 entries out of al...

19 August 2016

Marenthe is VERY excited!

She's doing another inspiring course (Creating C...

15 May, 2016

Global Talent Search 2016 19 August 2016

Remarkable news! I made it through to the semi-finals (50 entries out of almost 1000) of the Global Talent Search 2016!!! (The GTS is an annual competition to find the next top artist for Lilla Rogers' art agency to represent).

The fifty semi-finalists are from all over the world:
21 Europe 
22 North America 
6 Australasia 
1 Africa

Watch the gallery here.

And vote for my illustration here!

Lilla Rogers MATS course 15 May, 2016

Marenthe is VERY excited!

She's doing another inspiring course (Creating Collections for Home Decor) led by one of the most respected illustration agents in the US, Lilla Rogers.

Love Stamp for Post NL 16 October 2015

Post NL invited Marenthe back to re-imagine the love stamp.

What is love?
This age-old question; pondered by many, answered by few. Marenthe often wonders about love. When asked by Post NL, Marenthe began searching and asking once more. Her answer? Love is: contained in this tiny stamp; in it’s creation, in it’s design, in your reason for sending it, in the recipient's smile.

PostNL commissions Marenthe 02 March 2015

All hail Marenthe’s striking new birth stamp for Post NL! It appears in post offices and shops across the nation today. Marenthe’s design is the first to be released in 18 years. Marenthe certainly hopes this little square of joy will be much loved across The Netherlands, instantly recognisable as the bearer of good news. How does Marenthe feel about designing the stamp that will welcome into the world the next generation? “I feel honoured.”

Released: Monday 2nd March

Marenthe's first ever illustration client 27 June 2014

Libelle was Marenthe's first ever illustration client. It's how it all began. Fast forward to 2014 and Libelle returned to Marenthe, seeking fresh new summery illustrations to decorate their glossy pages.

Outside In 18 February 2014

Life is a game to be played. And play it, we shall. Happinez Germany commissioned Marenthe to create an intriguing and entertaining Game of Life. Players take turns in moving from the outside in to reveal deep thoughts and spiritual wisdom (inside out). Who ever said finding enlightenment couldn't be fun?!

At the Heart of It 14 February 2014

Love is for life, not just for Valentine's. Peel open a MoodieZ magazine and you'll find two very special cards waiting for heartfelt messages and the lick and stick of a stamp. Savour every curl of your handwriting. Relish every word. Send them to your lover, friend, sister, brother. Or be bold and play secret admirer. Shhh... Marenthe won't tell.

Homage to a Hero 10 November 2013

Marenthe joins other distinctive artists and designers with images of the much loved Robbedoes. At the Seed Factory in Brussels, now until 31/12/13.

'Revelation' has taken on a new form. 01 November 2013

Pull out and keep this beautiful poster to remind you of all that is right with the world. Seek truth, beauty, reality. Be connected... get your very own 'Revelation' poster in MoodieZ.

Succes Agenda 2014 18 October 2013

Back in 2012/13, with the economic crisis raging, Succes Agenda saw the value in Marenthe's lighthearted, frivolous and fun designs. Marenthe's collaboration with Succes Agenda to produce a series of diaries was, well, so... successful, they commissioned a new range for 2013/14.

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