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Life is a game to be played. And play it, we shall. Happinez Germany commis...

18 February 2014

Love is for life, not just for Valentine's. Peel open a MoodieZ magazine an...

14 February 2014

Posters Studio 't Brandt Weer

A seriously ridiculous message conveyed in a seriously amusing way. Every Christmas, Studio 't Brandt Weer (1999-2009) created posters to showcase the studio's diversity and share their unique sense of humour. These posters quickly become collectors' items and award winners.

Created during Marenthe's time with Studio 't Brandt Weer in collaboration with Koen Geurts.


  1. • Shortlisted Dutch Design Awards (2003)
  2. • Won Certificate of Typographic Excellence at the TDC New York (2003)